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Complete fabrication and weld services

Please note installation is outside of our business scope but we do work with select installers we recommend.


General Repair Estimates

A description (material type and W,H,D dimensions) along with clear photo of the area to be repaired can be emailed. General estimates are without charge.

Custom work Consultation

If you have an interest in a custom piece feel free to give a call or send an email. After that if you would like to move forward with your design I will then begin the consultation process.


I charge $500 for a consultation. In the consultation I will listen to your desires and then come up with some rough design ideas for you. We will narrow in on the design you like.

If you decide to move forward with the proposed pieces the $500 that was paid as a consultation fee will then be deducted from the balance of the whole project. Most people see this as a fair format, and it is one that allows me to give each project the time and attention it deserves.

It all begins with a conversation so feel free to give me a call.



Tips for cost efficient quality results


  • Rarely is there such a thing as a 5 minute quick job. Even the smallest job takes set up and preparation for a successful end result.
  • Allow the correct lead time. Depending on the project size we recommend allowing your self 2-3 weeks for your needed by date. We will always do our best to work for the shortest turn around.



Custom Fabrication

  • New creation takes time.
  • Have a clear vision of what you would like. The more details the better. A thousand words are expressed in a photo or drawing.
  • Our business is to create quality one of a kind items. Attempting to reproduce something you saw on the web for less money is highly unlikely.